Form 3L

Get your 3D prints, flawlessly and bigger than ever! Take control of large-scale part production, increase your throughput, and bring your biggest ideas to life with the Form 3L, a cost-effective large-format 3D printer that doesn’t compromise on the details. 

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What features do you get? 

  • LFS (Low Force Stereolithography) technology uses linear illumination and a flexible tank to turn liquid resin into flawless prints. This advanced form of stereolithography drastically reduces peel forces to provide groundbreaking print quality and printer reliability. 
  • Improved post-processing: new innovations eliminate the risk of damaging your parts with tools while allowing you to reduce labor and increase throughput. Build Platform 2 and our patented Quick Release Technology releases parts from the print surface instantly. Enhanced light touch support structures detach from the part in seconds. 
  • Two precision Light Processing Units inside the printer achieve consistent accuracy and detail across the entire build platform. 
  • Models printed on the Form 3L have the polished appearance of injection-moulded for realistic prototyping and consumer-ready end-use parts. 
  • Achieve the highest level of 3D printed translucency. With precise layer registration and smooth surface finish, translucent materials print clearer than ever, right off your print bed. 
  • The Light Processing Units, rollers, optics window, and other components can be replaced in-house to ensure 24/7 uptime. 
  • Your Form 3L comes with a 5.5” full color, high resolution, interactive display that keeps track of your prints and printer maintenance so you can keep printing, stress-free. 
  • Remotely monitor and manage your fleet of printers with cloud monitoring. 

Which Form 3L package is right for you?


Basic Package

This package includes the basics required to start printing with the Form 3L 3D Printer.


What’s Included

  • Form 3L 3D Printer
  • Form 3L Finish Kit
  • Cleaning tools
  • Form 3L Build Platform
  • Form 3L Resin Tank
  • Basic Service Plan 1 Year

Complete Package


Maximize productivity with the Form 3L Complete Package. This package includes our automated post-processing machines to streamline your entire 3D printing workflow, making it the ideal solution for cost-effective, in-house, large-scale production.

What’s Included

  • Form 3L 3D Printer
  • Form Wash L
  • Form Cure L
  • Cleaning tools
  • Form 3L Build Platform
  • Form 3L Resin Tank
  • Basic Service Plan 1 Year

Printer Specs

Part Characteristics
3D Printer Characteristics
Part Size
Heat Resistant
Medium (Max: 14 in/40 cm)
Surface Finish
ULTEM 9085_001

Complete Your 3D Printing Workflow  

Get more done and work more efficiently with an end-to-end 3D printing workflow. From printing to post-processing, each step of the process was designed with efficiency in mind. Add Form Wash and Form Cure to your SLA engine to streamline and automate your post-processing. 


  • Streamline your 3D Print Post-Processing  

The Form Wash automates the print washing process for consistent, thorough, no-mess cleaning while Form Cure maximizes material performance, helping parts reach peak properties and dimensional accuracy. 

  • An Efficient Solution for High-Volume Production 

Wash and cure large parts and bigger batches of parts with Form Wash L and Form Cure L, our large-format automated post-processing solution for high-volume 3D printing. 

BioMed Clear Resin for Long-Term Bodily Contact

  • For products and applications that require long-term skin or mucosal membrane contact use BioMed Clear Resin. Hard and strong, this USP Class VI certified material is ideal for anything that needs boosted wear resistance and low water absorption over time. BioMed Clear Resin 3D prints are even compatible with common sterilization methods.


*BioMed Clear Resin is manufactured in the Formlabs ISO 13485 facility and is supported with an FDA Device Master File.


BioMed Clear Resin excels at:


  • Medical device and device components
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Surgical planning and implant sizing tools
  • Research and development
  • Masks

Biomed Amber Resin for Short-Term Bodily Contact

  • For products and applications that require short-term skin or mucosal membrane contact, use BioMed Amber Resin. A rigid material for biocompatible applications, consistently achieve 3D printed parts with high dimensional accuracy, stiffness, and strength. BioMed Amber Resin 3D prints are also completely compatible with common solvent disinfection and sterilization methods.


* This material is developed specifically for Formlabs printers, rigorously tested, and manufactured in a cleanroom at the Formlabs ISO 13485 certified facility for consistent cross-batch quality.


Try out BioMed Amber Resin for:


  • Medical device and device components
  • Surgical planning and implant sizing tools
  • Research and development

Elastic 50A Resin for Flexible, Translucent 3D Printed Anatomy

  • Elastic 50A Resin is the softest material available from Formlabs. Great for prototyping device parts that would normally be made in silicone, or flexible educational and preoperative planning models. Choose Elastic 50A Resin for 3D prints you need to bend, stretch, compress, or thrive under pressure.


Try Elastic 50A Resin for:


  • Vascular system models
  • Simulating soft tissue such as skin
  • Medical device prototyping and testing

Greyscale Resins for Prototypes and Models


  • Greyscale Resins (available in black, grey, and white) are ideal for 3D prints that will be painted, sanded, or otherwise post-processed. Opaque with a matte surface finish, and capable of printing the precise detail expected of the Formlabs range, these resins make a great base for your prints.


Greyscale Resin is great for:


  • Painted or post-processed prints

Draft Resin

  • Draft in 3D. Smooth, with neutral grey coloring, Draft Resin is ideal for initial prototypes and rapid iterations and prints up to four times faster than other Formlabs standard materials. Get highly accurate representations of your designs without waiting for full production. Try using 200-micron settings for faster prints or 100-micron settings for models with finer details.


Draft Resin is great for:


  • Truly Rapid Prototyping

Color Kit

  • Custom dye your resins any color you need. As the first integrated color mixing solution designed for resin, not filament, the Formlabs Color Kit opens up a limitless range of colors for printing. No need to paint post-print.

Grey Pro Resin for Versatile Prototyping

  • Engineered specifically for the Form 2, Grey Pro Resin is a high precision material with moderate elongation and resistance to deformation. Grey Pro supports print resolutions of 100 and 50 microns and can be used as an all-purpose functional prototyping material.


Grey Pro Resin is the material of choice for:


  • Form and fit testing
  • Concept modeling
  • Injection-molded product prototypes
  • Mold masters for plastics, silicones, and more
  • Jigs and fixtures for manufacturing

High Temp Resin for High Thermal Stability

  • High Temp Resin is perfect for exactly that, high temps. Print with the highest heat deflection temperature in the entire Formlabs resin range (238 °C @ 0.45 MPa), and get detailed, precise prototypes that perform under intense heat right off your print bed.


High Temp Resin is the material of choice for:


  • Hot air, gas, and fluid flow
  • Heat resistant mounts, housings, and fixtures
  • Molds and inserts

Rigid 10K Resin

  • This highly glass-filled resin is the stiffest material in the Formlabs engineering material portfolio and the go-to choice for industrial parts that need to carry heavy loads without bending. Rigid 10K parts are smooth with a matte finish and are highly resistant to heat and chemicals.


Try out Rigid 10k Resin with:


  • Short-run injection mold masters and inserts
  • Heat resistant and fluid exposed components, jigs, and fixtures
  • Aerodynamic test models
  • Prints that need the stiffness of glass or fiber-filled thermoplastics

Rigid 4000 Resin

  • Rigid 4000 Resin is a classic engineering-grade glass-filled resin that prints stiff and strong prototypes. Get 3D printed pieces with a smooth, polished finish that can withstand minimal deflection. Ideal for general load-bearing applications.


Try out Rigid 4000 with:


  • Mounts and brackets
  • Thin-walled parts
  • Jigs and fixtures

Tough 2000 Resin

  • Tough 2000 Resin is peak performance for rugged prototyping. It’s the strongest and stiffest material in the Formlabs functional family of Tough and Durable Resins and is ideal for strong and sturdy parts that won’t easily bend.


Try Tough 2000 Resin for:


  • Strong and stiff prototypes
  • Sturdy jigs and fixtures
  • ABS-like strength and stiffness

Tough 1500 Resin

  • Tough 1500 Resin is peak performance for resilient prototyping. It’s the most resilient material in the Formlabs functional family of Tough and Durable Resins and is ideal for stiff and pliable parts that bend and spring back quickly.


*For parts to be certified for skin contact, carefully follow recommended Tough 1500 Resin post-processing conditions.


Consider Tough 1500 Resin for:


  • Prototype devices, jigs, and fixtures
  • Wearables, personal protective equipment, and other consumer goods
  • Simulating the strength and stiffness of polypropylene (PP)

Durable Resin

  • With its high lubricity, Durable Resin is perfect for squeezable parts and low-friction assemblies. It’s the most pliable and impact-resistant material in the Formlabs range of Tough and Durable resins and can print parts with strength and stiffness comparable to polyethylene (PE).


Consider using Durable Resin for:


  • Squeezable prototypes
  • Jigs and fixtures undergoing significant impacts or repeated deflection
  • Low friction assemblies and non-degrading surfaces
  • Prototypes that repeatedly bend and quickly return to shape

Flexible 80A

  • Flexible 80A Resin is the stiffest, soft-touch material in the Formlabs range of Flexible and Elastic Resins. With an 80A Shore durometer grade, mimicking the flexibility of rubber or TPU, and a balance of softness and strength, Flexible 80A Resin durably bends, flexes, and compresses. Try Flexible 80A Resin for cartilage, tendon, and ligament anatomy simulations.


Consider using Flexible 80A for projects like:


  • Handles, grips, and over-molds
  • Cushioning, damping, and shock absorption
  • Seals, gaskets, and masks
  • Cartilage, tendon, and ligament anatomy

Castable Wax 40 Resin

  • Castable Wax 40 Resin handles like industry familiar blue carving wax and prints accurate details and smooth surfaces. Intuitive to jewelry casting, Castable wax 40 is easy to cast with a 40% wax fill and low expansion. Prefer to outsource your casting? For unparalleled results, Castable Wax 40 Resin supports many lost wax casting conditions and is compatible with leading gypsum investments.


Consider using Castable Wax 40 Resin for:


  • Challenging, highly detailed designs
  • Casting molds

Castable Wax Resin


  • Castable Wax Resin prints high green strength and stiffness into every design. It’s a 20% wax-filled photopolymer ideal for delicate filigree designs with excellent shape retention. Get reliable casting with zero ash content and clean burnout.


Use Castable Wax Resin for:


  • Casting molds
  • Intricate filigree designs

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